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Energy is not only attractive, it's contagious!

Our teaching process was developed with the trademarked "Viral Energy" philosophy—now a field of study called Viralenology. Through our proven coaching modalities we help people to discover their innate abilities and deep inner purpose and joy. 

Our viral energy philosophy and coaching process will help you become aware of the contagious nature of energy and how that energy creates—positively or negatively. You will learn how to create the life of your dreams and achieve your goals by first auditing the influences around you, replacing heavy energy thoughts, taking action for success and joy, and osmotically balancing your creation-energy with what you truly wish to be and experience. 

In manifesting your goals, while the law of attraction is a factor, the transfer of energy vibration is more accurately described as working by way of osmosis—a process by which molecules pass through a semipermeable membrane, equalizing the concentrations on each side. (Guess what? Your energy field is holey.)

Viral energy is about what you surround yourself with. It’s about your environments and the people you spend time with. It’s about the culture of your workplace and whether it’s congruent with your personal culture. It’s about your relationships and whether those are on-level with what you truly want to experience and be. 

You don't have to accept a life of unfulfillment, lack, struggle, incongruency, and loneliness. When you reset your viral energy offput and input you elevate to a new energy flow, a new level of what you have access to. You are the power to fulfill your dreams. Yet, you have to take action.

Much of our philosophy is based on the book The Magic of Viral Energy: An Ancient Key to Happiness, Empowerment, and Purpose

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It's About You, You ARE The Power To Fulfill Your Dreams.

When you truly understand how energy works you become aligned with real and lasting fulfillment!

As you journey towards your dreams and goals, the first thing to know is that all energy is viral energy. That’s just how energy behaves—it moves, flows, is shared, and can be picked up from an outside source.

You can learn about “viral energy” in your home and workplace (even on the news)—and how it affects your happiness, health, earning potential, and companionability. In addition to our group retreats and online courses, we can work in-person with your employees, workplace team, friend relationships, and family members (as individuals and as a group) to improve the viral energy dynamics and help you to create harmony and happiness at your workplace and in your home.

How energy works should matter to you because energy is the fuel that you create your life and dreams with.

If you want to have better relationships, greater earning potential, and live a more fulfilled life, here’s 4 things (energetic keys to fulfillment) for you to be mindful of:

  • What you are taking in (from that energetic place can you fulfill your dreams and goals?)
  • What you are giving off
  • What you have access to (and therefore, what you create with)
  • What you are being (intentions and actions)

Your Energetic Presence

Raising consciousness through intention, mindfulness, concentrated effort, and osmotic-energy-balancing

The quality of your energetic presence impacts your personal happiness, your relationships, and even your job. Here’s an example: When the workplace is bogged down with heavy energy it’s catchy and palpable to employees and customers. But, with knowledge of how you create your life and circumstances, together with implementing the right tools, you can make small adjustments (and big shifts) that will result in a happier work-life and better relationships with co-workers and clients.

Your presence is something—an energy—that you earn as a product of everything that you are, do, experience, intend, and with which you surround yourself.

This energetic-level-attainment should not be confused with your physical energy level, which is a result of your caloric intake and physical exertion. Furthermore, your presence has nothing to do with your influence in the world, popularity, or status. It also doesn’t have anything to do with how much sleep you did or didn’t get, it’s not affected by caffeine or alcohol, and it’s not even about your personality, humor, appearance, or confidence. Presence has nothing to do with being outgoing, aloof, or talented, and it does not change with today’s good or bad news, or today’s good or bad mood. Viral energy presence is not about being physically “there” in a location, or about “showing up” for someone physically or emotionally. Viral energy presence is not the location of your body, your mind, or even your spirit. It’s also not about a singular moment or about trying “to be in the moment.” Presence isn’t concerned with being consciously aware of the eternal moment of now, and it’s not something that you can practice. It’s what you are being.

In terms of viral energy, your presence is the energy quality of your being. Your energetic-presence is where you are being in the consciousness-energy strata—it’s how you vibrate, what you give off, and it fuels everything that you create.

Check out the 7 strata of energetic presence and consider what energy level you are in-flow with, experiencing, and creating on:

Testimonials for our Philosophy & Process

Here's what the experts are saying...

“It’s really an interesting concept—these infectious agents that you’re calling them. Maybe you’re a person who doesn’t have enough ‘Teflon’ (emotional armor), so things stick to you. Turn off media and social media at a certain point. I think social media can make it hard to have ‘Teflon’ these days because sometimes you can be constantly reminded of what is negative. I think there’s something to it, it’s like you get this virus, you get this infectious agent.”

Dr. Stephen Hinshaw, Ph.D., Chair of the Department of Psychology, University of California, Berkeley; Vice-Chair of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco; Editor, Psychological Bulletin; author of The Triple Bind: Saving Our Teenage Girls from Today’s Pressures

“It’s really interesting. We’re social creatures and we do give off energy and vibes. An event or influence can have a small effect and start to work on you in a positive or negative way. You probably don’t realize that you are starting to think differently, so it really is like you’re catching a silent factor that you might not be aware of.”

Dr. Gerald J. Haeffel, Department of Psychology, University of Notre Dame