Meet Our Happiness Ambassador, Maggie!

Maggie is an English Golden Retriever from a long line of prized service and show dogs. She was re-homed to us after her first year of life when she experienced some challenging events. Maggie is grateful for her new start and she spreads love and happiness to our visitors.

The Viral Energy Institute is dedicated to research, study, and education in a new field of study called Viralenology, which merges traditional science with metaphysical philosophy for personal, interpersonal, and planetary well-being. Our mission is to spread higher consciousness virally around the world.

Our in-person courses and retreats began in 2010 and our online platform was launched in 2020.

While courses and retreats take place in many locations of high energy and tranquility, the institute is located in Naples, Florida, on nearly two-acres of lush tropical grounds that include water features and meditation spaces ideal for a zen immersion experience.

Our mission is to promote wellness and consciousness on three interconnected perspectives that create outcomes:

  • Personal
  • Interpersonal
  • Global/Planetary

The institute is dedicated to three unique pillars:

  • Research: Merging traditional science practices with metaphysical philosophy, we access wisdom from our sixth sense and higher and collective consciousness to further the understanding of viral energy and how it can be used for our greater happiness, empowerment, purpose-pursuit, and planetary healing. The Viral Energy Institute is dedicated to a new and evolutionary field of study to advance the enlightenment of the human species and our awakening to the contagious nature of energy and its impact on our personal happiness, Higher-Self development, interpersonal relationships, and global concerns. Researchers and students study viral energy as it impacts people and their relationships through interviews and questionnaires, case studies, and historical data, and then write research papers and blog their findings. Researchers and empaths study viral energy masses as they impact planet Earth: these are the light and dense energy “tumors” that exist on-large-scale over populations, communities, and industries, created through widespread and chronic light or heavy actions, practices, beliefs, and attitudes—all impacting the Earth energetically.
  • Education: Our in-person teachings and retreats and online coaching and courses are created to assist higher self development and conscious spiritual and personal evolution. The Viral Energy Institute is a school for those who wish to understand and utilize viral energy wisdom and tools to help themselves others create the life of their dreams. (Also offered are Degree Program to become a VEI Instructor or Researcher: Upon completing a Higher-Self education in the study of viral energy, individuals receive a degree as a Viral Energy Institute Instructor or Viral Energy Institute Researcher.)
  • Coaching & Community: The Viral Energy Institute is a healing philosophy and community for those who are searching for deeper meaning, dealing with unhappiness or loss, and those who wish to supercharge their personal power and success in all areas of their life. Services include in-person group interactive talks on self-help and one-on-one mentorship. The viral energy message and movement offers new-consciousness modalities for personal growth and the journey to true happiness and fulfillment. Our Facebook Group—to name one channel—is available for remote connection to others of like-mind and we aim to inspire a global consciousness movement from viral ripples to tidal waves of enlightenment.

Our Retreats & Course Offerings

Thank you for visiting the Viral Energy Institute platform. Our instructors and experience leaders continue to create fun and enlightening online courses, in-person retreats, and guided personal development.

What's Viralenology?

viralenology noun vir·​al·​en·​ol·​o·​gy | \ vī-ˈräl-en-o-lə-jē \ Definition of viralenology: 1. a branch of science that merges traditional science with metaphysics to research personal happiness and goal achievement, interpersonal relationships, environmental solutions, future technologies including fuel sources and travel modes, thought power, intuitive/telepathic communication, and communication with animals. 2. a theory or philosophy describing the contagious nature of vibrational-creation-energy (or Quantum of Consciousness) in social interactions, physical environments, and in motion/flow via intention and being.

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