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    The 5 Gears: Leadership Coaching by Air Force Instructor Tripp Bodenheimer

    • Introducing Air Force Instructor Tripp Bodenheimer with Special Host Caleb Pearson

    • How To Be Present and Productive When There's Never Enough Time

  • 2

    Develop Your Telepathic Communication: Animal Communicator Julia Griffin Explains How It Works

    • Introducing Animal Communicator Julia Griffin

    • The Relationship Between Humankind and The Wolves

    • How To Communicate With Your Pets

  • 3

    Heal Yourself Through Sound Therapy: Spiritualist iLan Azoulai Guides Us To The Heart Of The Issues

    • Introducing iLan Azoulai

    • Heal Yourself Through Sound

  • 4

    BONUS: Eating Mindfully! Original Vegan Recipe From Chef Summer Storm

    • Breakfast Cooking Class: How To Make Vegan Breakfast Burritos

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This offering is several hours of motivation, personal development, and ideas for greater mindfulness. 

Rather than a "course", you could think of this as a ticket to a lineup of motivational speakers. You will watch the talks by way of pre-recorded videos from the instructors in which they share some of their best ideas and tips. It's entertainment and inspiration, not work or scores.

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