Healing Vibration Awaits You!

Experience this balm for:

  • grounding yourself with the Earth-vibration, which naturally is vibrating in harmony and peace
  • stabilizing your sense-of-self and your belief in yourself and your power to be the change 
  • circulatory problems in legs 
  • loss of balance
  • anxiety and stress
  • excessive mental activity
  • difficulty being present
  • disorientation and feeling lost
  • the impression of being “elsewhere“
  • the search for meaning
  • fear and feelings of insecurity
  • the feeling of disconnection (with yourself, your body, the Earth)
  • difficulty accepting vulnerability
  • lack or loss of confidence 
  • lack of inner faith
  • the need for purification and cleansing
  • the desire to go back to basics, to ground and center yourself
  • contributing love and higher consciousness to the wellness of Mother Earth

Earth's Voice by Erin Kann: Global Viral Contemplation (GVC) for World Healing

More than a song, more than a Sound Balm®: Earth’s Voice is a new vibratory experience, a return to the source of Life, a reconnection to our origins. It's a call from Mother Earth for us to rise in consciousness, kindness, and unity. If you've ever wondered what Mother Earth would sound like if she had a voice, well, this is her.

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    Benefits of Sound Balm® healing therapy

    • Welcome & Instructions

    • About this Healing Vibration Meditation

    • About Global Viral Contemplation

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    Earth's Voice Sound Balm® & Meditation (video sound track)

    • Earth's Voice Sound Balm® & Meditation (video)

    • Namaste & Continue Your Higher Vibration

Sound Balm®

Getting the most from Earth's Voice


Earth’s Voice is neither a song nor simple relaxation music, yet is the vehicle of frequency that activates your inner transformation. It is therefore strongly advice not to listen to it while driving your car, while cooking or socializing; this is a deeply spiritual healing experience and intended to contribute to the positive light energy vibration of personal and planetary healing. 

Be mindful and follow these tips:

  • plan a quiet half-hour for listening;
  • use high-quality headphones or earphones;
  • adjust the volume in advance according to your comfort level (the louder the volume, the more powerful the experience);
  • choose a comfortable position that promotes relaxation;
  • insulate yourself from distractions and close your eyes;
  • relax and allow the experience.

Your VEI Instructor

and Creator of Earth's Voice

Erin Kann

Instructor of Sound Healing

Erin Kann is the creator of the TNSO brand and Sound Balms®, a new range of powerful vibratory care. In 2019, she gave birth to “Earth’s Voice," a customized Sound Balm® for guided meditations dedicated to Earth. Her sensibility and her natural empathy led her to explore the benefits of sound on people and to develop her own approach of sound healing. Erin says, “Sound is not only a medicine of the future, but also a very powerful tool to activate our fundamental Essence and to raise our level of consciousness." Erin is an intuitive channel who shares her love for spiritual topics and the process of planetary ascension, and she also does so through a series of videos entitled "Journeys of Exploration to the Heart of Consciousness." Erin lives in France. The VEI is honored to have Erin bring her extraordinary connectivity to higher consciousness to the work and mission of the institute.