Start The New Year Right By Setting an ON-PURPOSE INTENTION!

"Medi-tention" is Meditation with Intention! This 30-day medi-tention challenge releases on January 1, 2023. Pre-order NOW for your spot in this global initiative of shared higher consciousness. It's a daily GUIDED meditation by energy expert Penelope Jean Hayes. In these daily videos, Penelope guides you to set an intention, specifically for that day. Medi-tentions are a form of thought-training and as you build your positive intentions for your life, you will be establishing a new way of thinking that leads to your greater success and fulfillment. As we practice this together as a consciousness collective, we virally add to the growing mass of positive light energy around each individual. (Note: While it is designed as a 30-day experience because it takes 30 days minimum to create a new habit, the material will be available for a full 60 days in the event you need to catch up.)