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Personal development meets your zen-immersion vacation. 

Come to Naples Florida and be the center of attention for this RESET and RENEWAL one-on-one PERSONAL COACHING! You book your dates based on availability.

The VIRAL ENERGY® RESET RETREAT, created by Penelope Jean Hayes in 2010 is a 3-day personal growth and relaxation retreat and coaching experience that helps people recognize heavy-energy influences within relationships, environments at home and work, plus via thoughts, choices, and actions. Once identified, participants learn how inwardly and outwardly projected viral energy (light and heavy) is actually creating their emotions and experiences—their failures, stress, success, and happiness. This retreat guides individuals in releasing stress and anxiety and resets thinking and personal energy to a vibration of inner peace and greater enlightenment. The modalities taught through the Viral Energy Institute (VEI) empower people with knowledge and tools for better relationships and help to clear the path for each person to be fulfilled and mindful in the journey of their highest purpose.




For people who need a break from their daily stress and work/home grind and wish for guidance in turning around their heavy (or septic) energy into light energy. For those who need to relax and reset their thoughts and emotions. Many people find that a reset works best when experienced outside of their home, work, school, or social/friend environments. This VIRAL ENERGY® RESET RETREAT is great for  people who have gone through a dramatic event, break-up or other loss, or are in need of immersion coaching, and anyone seeking deeper meaning and happiness.


The VIRAL ENERGY® RESET RETREAT is held in person in Naples, Florida. (Note: Participants arrange their own transportation and accommodations.) We have created a beautiful reset retreat and our experiences are held at the Viral Energy Institute grounds and sometimes specific segments are held at other zen-ful settings that may include Naples Beach, the Naples Botanical Gardens, Wiggins Pass beach amid natural park habitat, the Ritz Carlton Vanderbilt Beach, and a local wolf sanctuary.




Here's a little about our modalities of personal development and rejuvenation...



Part One

  • TALK/SELF-ASSESS: This is all about you and a deep look at your circumstances and what you surround yourself with, what you take in and give off, and what you have access to, and what (energy) you’re creating your life with. Then, we review your self-assessment with you and spend time learning about you, your needs and interactions, physical environments (home/work), and the energetic influences in your life. 
  • EVALUATE WHAT LEVEL YOU CREATE ON: We show you how energy works (i.e. osmotically picked up), and how you can only get what you’re in flow with (the level/stratum that you are creating on), and we look at what or who is in that energy-stratum with you—and ask: Is this what you truly want to be and experience? 

Part Two

  • CREATE YOUR ULTIMATE DREAM BLUEPRINT OR STORYBOARD: You will consider all of the areas of your life and decide upon and discover your deep inner goals and dreams for each area from your work life to your vocational life and more. Then, you use these passion-points to create a blueprint or storyboard of your life the way that you envision it in your wildest dreams! 
  • PERSONALIZED PLAN: Like writing a prescription, we give recommendations on how to turn around heavy energy experiences and dynamics to move into better alignment with all that you truly want to be living, experiencing, and creating. We explain how to make changes in your intentions and thoughts and actions, to be mindful of what you let in and give off, plus offer ways that you can elevate your physical environments for your success and greater happiness. We remind you that your energy stratum isn't your current mood; it is set over time due to chronic “marinating” in heavy or light energy. These recommendations will include tangible practices and modalities for enlightening energy (your personal power). 

Part Three

  • DEMONSTRATE: “Light  energy immersion" to allow you to experience all that you’ve learned. This is a fun, relaxing, and energy-recharging experience.

Your Retreat Includes

  • Daily guided meditation and Osmotic Energy Balancing sessions (set to flowing water sounds or fire contemplation)
  • Outing such as a nature walk
  • Autographed paperback copy of the book The Magic of Viral Energy: An Ancient Key to Happiness, Empowerment, and Purpose
  • Time in the area for your own outings: All evenings are open

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  • Location: Naples, Florida

    Self-development meets rejuvenation!

    This 3-day experience runs each day for 4 hours. Choose morning or afternoon. Actively bring in new energy and a new and clear plan for a lighter way of being—for your greater happiness, wellness, and success in your dreams and goals.

Learn how energy affects you and how to bring in more of what you truly want!


  • How do I get to Naples, Florida?

    Your travel is your choice. You can choose to drive to Naples or fly. Naples is located at the southern tip of Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico coast. The nearest airport is Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) in Fort Myers. Additional airports are located in Miami and Fort Lauderdale for those who rent a vehicle and don't mind a scenic 2-hour drive to Naples. We are also drivable from many locations.

  • Where can I stay while in the Naples, Florida area for this retreat?

    For reasonable pricing, we suggest that you check out VRBO—Naples FL, where you will find vacation condos and homes offered in a range of pricing. For per night pricing near or below $100, we also recommend the Trianon Old Naples located at 955 7th Avenue South Naples, and The Fairways Inn of Naples (a cute single floor motel) at 103 Palm River Blvd in Naples. Middle price options include Hilton Naples or Hyatt House for approximately $100-110 per night, and Naples Grande Beach Resort or The Inn on Fifth for around $130-165 per night. If you prefer a full resort experience, well, we think you can't go wrong at The Ritz-Carlton Naples at 280 Vanderbilt Beach Road (on the beach) for approximately $295 per night, or The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort Naples at 2600 Tiburon Drive for approximately $175 per night. NOTE: We checked these prices for you, yet prices fluctuate; please contact your logging of choice for pricing.

  • How do I get from the airport to my hotel?

    Airport transfers are for you to arrange and many people find this empowering: When you get into town, you choose if you'll go directly to your hotel, a restaurant, shopping, or the beach. We recommend Uber or Lyft and these services are a breeze and highly rated in the Naples area.

  • How will I get to and from my hotel and the retreat locations?

    You are in control of your trip from where you have breakfast to how you get there and to retreat locations. We will provide you the itinerary and addresses in advance, all located in the immediate Naples area. At the completion of the day's retreat activities you might like to dine, shop, go to the beach, or relax and so—we leave this to you. Rent a car or use Lyft/Uber.

  • What's the Naples vibe like?

    Naples is a small town with a European vibe and is famous for sugar-white sand, turquoise water, and sunshine. Naples offers world-class shopping and restaurants. While there are plenty of fun waterside bars and restaurants with music and dancing, overall Naples is an elegant town that appeals to the over-thirty visitor rather than groups of teenaged beachgoers, as would be for many other Florida beach communities. If you're looking for tranquility, elegance, and style, Naples is for you.

  • How are the restaurants in Naples?

    Dining is most definitely a draw for Naples. Many Naples restaurants are Italian cuisine due to a large Italian-American population, hence the namesake. If you love good food, restaurant patio tables draped in white linens, tasty mixologist speciality cocktails and fresh baked bread with olive oil—Naples dining will suit you well. For restaurants in the 5th Avenue and 3rd Avenue downtown district, we recommend Sails, Vergina's, Ocean Prime, The Continental, Bevy, and Sea Salt. Also in the downtown district, we love The Claw Bar restaurant (221 9th St S) and The London Club at The Claw Bar. For the casual dining vibe, there are countless restaurants with a Key West vibe and island music; take your pick. If you want a casual tourist experience, try Tin City in the heart of Naples where there are many F&B choice along an intercostal waterway. If you're looking for a lunch or dinner for under $10 and with a cool outdoor atmosphere, check out Celebration Park Naples—the fun food truck village on the water with an outdoor bar located at 2880 Becca Avenue.

  • What are some things to do while in Naples?

    Parasail. Jet ski. Shop at several outdoor shopping areas. Walk the beach or the Naples Pier. Take a drive or walk or bike ride along Gordon Street in the Port Royal area. Rent a boat for the day or book a sunset cruise. Or just lounge on the white sand watching dolphins and manatees live their best lives!